Highbury & Islington: the online shop

You can now buy posters of our new illustration of Highbury & Islington station, produced for us by Jane Smith. The colour illustration captures the ingenuity and magic of the 1870s building, which was at the cutting edge of public transport design when designed by E H Horne. Once the centrepiece of Islington at Highbury Corner, the print helps to bring a north London landmark back to life.

Two versions are available, both printed using detailed high-res images on A2 paper with silk finish. They are £25 each.

THE 2010… in this version, it’s as if Edwin Henry Horne’s masterpiece for the North London Railway had survived the 1960s and been restored as part of the Overground in 2010. There are modern details such as the signage, and we’ve taken the liberty of adding the famous Highbury clock to the previously empty turret clockface. Order via e-bay here – https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143992323475

THE 1910… this is the 1910 print, showing Edwin Henry Horne’s 1873 station for the North London Railway as it looked in the Edwardian era. Order via e-bay here – https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143992347149

Orders are shipped from the printers. Please allow 9 days for printing and delivery. 

Thanks for your support!

Later in 2021, we will also be following up the webinar with a booklet, explaining the history and the panel’s more recent findings on the life of architect Edwin Henry Horne, and on the decisions and choices on the station itself during the 1960s.

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