About the Campaign to Rebuild Highbury

Our objectives are to recreate a station fit for the great borough of Islington, to make people aware of what once was, and to promote discussion on what could be.

Highbury and Islington station is an important site at the heart of our community. Once you’ve seen what was once there, in the space now occupied by ramshackle buildings and empty sky, you realise that all the more. Rebuild Highbury! promotes thinking on how a station fit for this great part of London could be recreated. We have organised analysis of possible ways to reintroduce the elegance of the 1870 building, and of the engineering constraints a project today would face. We are also undertaking new work on the history of the station, stories and new illustrations to bring it to life.

Do get in touch! You can contact us via our pages on Facebook and on Twitter where we are @RebuildHighbury. You can also e-mail us at hello@highburyandislington.net.